freedom to paddle

load & go

01 / FAST
Place Bo-Ro® on car and
set rack strap length.
Feed straps through roof rack, clip buckles, and cinch J hook on hatch.
03 / EASY
Load or unload paddle board.  Go have fun!

about Bo-Ro®


Necessity is the mother of invention!  When my wife threatened to sell her paddle board because it was too challenging for her to load and unload solo, I got the idea to create a support tool. After numerous designs, testing, and now a US Patent, the Bo-Ro® (also known as Board Roller) came to life in a simple and easy-to-use form, ready for paddle boards and large surfboards.



Paddlers and surfers who are challenged to load or unload their boards will be liberated through the use of the Bo-Ro® and enjoy the freedom to paddle. 


Bo-Ro® is the only device specifically designed for paddle boards or large surfboards. The conveniently compact device was created to be easily removed and stowed away in your

car or surf shack. It takes only a few minutes to attach and secure the

Bo-Ro® and to load or unload your board. 



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